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Facilities for corporate events

Hotel Bartoš is an ideal place for a meeting, company party, training, event, business presentation etc.In the hotels representative areas you will have all manner of technical facilities at your disposal - wi-fi, complete audio-visual equipment, overhead projector, projection screen, microphone, sound system. The premises are air-conditioned, so they also provide a pleasant environment in the summer.The multipurpose hall has 100 places, and when laid out for conferences, it offers up to 189 places. By combining the hall with the restaurant a space for up to 250 guests is created.

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Corporate parties

Corporate parties

Hotel Bartoš is a popular place to hold social evenings and events. Organise an unforgettable corporate party for your employees and business partners. We will make sure that the event represents your firm brilliantly, and that the entire event is a quality one. We can also offer all participants comfortable accommodation, meals and other hotel services.

Great Hall

If you do not have suitable training facilities in your firm, or you want to prepare a training event for your employees that they will really look forward to, use our services. We will ensure premises for you for all-day corporate training and events for several days. You can also order first-class servicing, refreshments and accommodation for guests. Your employees will come away from the stay not only with knowledge, but also unique experiences.
Meeting room

Meeting room

In addition to corporate parties and training events, the hotel's multifunctional premises can be used for various corporate events. Thanks to the perfect audiovisual equipment and facilities, in the hotel you can hold conferences, lectures, business presentations or other social and educational events. All of this in exclusive spaces with a pleasant atmosphere reinforced by the first-class service of our employees.

Refreshments, buffets

We will gladly put together a menu according to your wishes for any event. For smaller corporate events we can prepare a buffet, cold dishes or hot food. For all-day events we can also ensure all-day meals, including lunch and dinner. We can also ensure decoration of the room following agreement.